Wild Reflections is currently undergoing some changes, please do not try to order online. For all orders, please contact us using the contact information on this site. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.

About the gallery

Wild Reflections began as a partnership between world renowned photographer, Donald M. Jones and master printer & professional photographer, Samuel Veich. In the summer of 2012, Don and Sam entered the print market with their fine art prints exhibited in galleries around northwest Montana. After a successful summer of sales, they decided to open a temporary gallery in the Flathead Valley, Montana, for the Christmas season. They invited new and established artists and created one of the most beautiful exhibitions of art Montana has ever seen.

Wild Reflections Fine Art Gallery was a great success. Unfortunately, the lease was temporary and the space, prior to Wild Reflections short term lease, had been leased to another tenant beginning in January, 2013. Sam and Don continue to search for the perfect space to re-open the store front. In the interim, Wild Reflections continues to offer beautiful fine art through their website.

Wild Reflections offers incredible art from a variety of artists handpicked by Don and Sam. Our goal is to exhibit well established photographers and artists; and new, emerging talents. Along with our permanent artists, we will bring in new and different artists throughout the year for special exhibitions. The gallery is unlike any other with an incredible selection of images. Enjoy!

Purchasing and shipping for your new art

Each piece is described as open run or limited edition. If it is described as a limited edition, the total run and available sizes are shown. The mediums on which prints are available are described with each image. Every order is personally inspected, packed and shipped by Sam.

Canvas prints are offered both in loose, rolled prints and stretched on 1-7/16" stretcher bars. The loose, rolled canvas reflects a lower price difference that approximately covers the cost of professional framers fees for stretching your prints. This saves significantly on shipping costs for you.

Several images are printed, signed and ready for shipment. Those will generally ship in two to three business days. Because of the extensive selection of images from all of our amazing artists, it is impossible for us to keep all works in stock. For those images we have to print to order, the printing, drying and coating process takes three to four days. If it is a digitally signed image, it will usually ship in five to six business days. Images that are personally signed will generally be 5-9 business days, but photographers may be out on shoots and can slow the time down to two or three weeks. If shipping times are critical for you, or if you just want a more specific time frame, feel free to email samuelveich@hotmail.com or call (406)253-3919.

All canvas prints for Donald M. Jones and Samuel Veich are printed by Sam. Each canvas is printed on Epson Exhibition Canvas using only Epson Ultra Chrome K3® inks and coated with three coats of Eco Print Shield® to enhance preservation. The final coat on each print is a satin finish. Every canvas printed by Sam is truly museum quality.

Please e-mail (samuelveich@hotmail.com) or call (406-253-3919) with specific questions about the materials used for other artists' work.
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