Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my order is shipped?

Several images are printed, signed and ready for shipment. Those will generally ship in two to three business days. Because of the extensive selection of images from all of our amazing artists, it is impossible for us to keep all works in stock. For images we print to order, if it is a digitally signed image, it will usually ship in five to six business days, personally signed will generally be five to nine business days. If a photographer is out on a shoot it can slow the time down to two or three weeks. If shipping times are critical for you, or if you just want a more specific time frame, feel free to email or call (406)261-4746.

I see both stretched and rolled versions of prints. Why do you offer both ways?

We offer both in an effort to best accommodate an individual consumers needs. The stretched canvas is stretched over heavy-duty, 1-7/16 inch stretcher bars. Some customers would rather have the print mounted on foam core and framed like a traditional photograph, the rolled canvas allows this. There is a two inch mirrored edge for stretching, but this also works well for framers for mounting and matting.

We have priced the rolled canvas less, approximately what it would cost you to have it stretched at a quality frame shop on heavy duty stretcher bars. The savings in shipping is substantial. In all, it should be much less expensive for you to order rolled canvas and have it stretched where you live.

What do you mean by limited edition?

Limited edition may mean something different to many artists. With Donald M Jones and Samuel Veich's images, the total number of prints shown is the total number that will ever be printed for sale as fine art. You may see them in magazines, calendars, greeting cards or advertising, but you will never see them available as art prints in any size or form other than what is listed. In other words, you will never walk into a gift shop and see your fine art print for sale as an 8x12 shrink-wrapped print. This assures what you are buying is truly limited for sales and truly a very special piece of art. For other artists's definition of limited edition, feel free to contact us. 

I want a different size than what is shown. May I order a different size?

In most cases, yes. Even the limited edition works may be ordered in a different size. With limited editions, there must still be un-printed, unsold units and the special order (different size) will be signed and numbered from the run of the closest available size. This will not change the total number available of any print. For special order sizes, please email or call (406)261-4746.

I saw an image in a magazine/website/advertisement from one of your artists that isn't on your site. May I order that image?

In most cases, yes. Please call (406)261-4746 or email Give all pertinent data i.e. where you saw the image (magazine name, issue, page number; website: who's advertisement, where and when). We will check with the artist and see if that image is available and get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you frame the canvas giclee prints?

Yes, there are several options in frame styles for giclee prints. You may want to contact us to discuss stretched or rolled canvas options prior to ordering if you desire framing. 

Can I get a print in a more traditional style for framing?

Canvas is perfectly suitable for mounting on foam core and traditional matting and framing. If you are looking for a more traditional style print and frame, order the rolled canvas. Frame shops can mount the canvas to foam core and do whatever you want for matting and framing. This allows for either under glass or no glass as the canvas is coated with at least three coats of Eco Print Shield®. 

What materials are used in your canvas prints?

We use only the highest quality materials, from the ink to the canvas to the coatings for a museum quality print. We use only Epson® archival inks for the longest possible life expectancy and best colors. We use Epson® Exhibition Canvas for a truly museum quality canvas. And, lastly, we coat all images with at least three coats of Eco Print Shield® to improve life expectancy and durability. These prints are well over 200 year light-fast rated.

I saw a print that no longer seems available in the size I wanted, may I still order it?

If an image has sold the entire number available of any size, no more can be sold of that size. If an image has sold the entire run of all sizes, it may not be printed or sold in any other form. If an artist has pulled a particular image for a different reason, the item may still be available for purchase. Please email or call (406)261-4746 for inquiries. 

What is your return policy?

We are sorry, but there are absolutely no returns. To protect the intellectual property of all artists, we do not allow returns for any reason.

Are these real photos or Photoshop® manipulated?

That depends on the artist and image.

Donald M. Jones images never have things added to them. Occasionally, something will be removed, such as an ear tag or objectionable carrion, but nothing is ever added. What you see with Don's truly awe-inspiring images, is what he saw. 

Chuck Haney does not add to his images. Images may have blacks and density corrections made to optimize the look, but are not digitally manipulated as such. It is Chuck's attention to detail that makes his scenics so powerful. We are so fortunate to be involved with Chuck.

Samuel Veich does not add to his images. He will remove people from scenes or the occasional phone line in a city shot. He does not alter the colors of aurora images shot here in Montana. The colors are a product of exposure times in auroral photography. Images may have blacks and density corrections made to optimize the look, but are not digitally manipulated as such.

Nick Spiker does a lot in Photoshop®. That is a huge part of his creative and unique vision and why we are thrilled to have him as one of our artists.

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